Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is GUYD?

GUYD is a project implemented by the Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), which seeks to engage the Guyanese Diaspora all over the world. The project will facilitate the collection of data on skills, resources and the return interest and plans of those willing to support the development of Guyana through organizations and institutions in Guyana. The information collected through the GUYD Project will help to guide Government policies aimed at engaging the Diaspora.

2. Who can participate in the GUYD project?

  1. All Guyanese living overseas

3. Do I have to share personal information in the GUYD survey?

Yes.  The information requested will be used by the project’s representatives to compile data on who constitutes the Guyanese Diaspora, where they can be found (state and country), what skills, resources and experiences they would like to share, and what interests they may have in sharing their skills in Guyana.

4. Will the information shared in the GUYD survey be kept confidential?

Yes, the information shared will be dealt with the strictest confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose intended.

5. How will the information collected through the GUYD survey be used?

The information will be collated on a database to inform the Government of Guyana on Diaspora skills, experiences and interest that can support development in Guyana. The information will also be used to guide Government policy on a structured framework to engage the Diaspora.

6. Can existing Diaspora groups/individuals currently supporting development in Guyana participate in the GUYD survey?

Groups/individuals currently supporting development initiatives in Guyana are encouraged to participate in the survey.

7. Do I need to have specific educational skills and professional background to participate in the GUYD survey?

No specified educational, professional background or skill is required for  participation in the survey.

8. Can a person who lived and worked abroad for a number of years but is currently residing in Guyana participate in the GUYD survey?

Remigrants are not considered part of the Diaspora .  Only persons who currently live abroad will be eligible to participate in the survey.

9. Will the GUYD project help me to find a job in Guyana?

This project itself does not offer opportunities for employment but facilitates the mapping of Diaspora skills.

10. Who will have responsibility for the information shared in the survey?

The information will be managed by the International Organization for Migration, GUYD Project staff and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

11. Would funding/monetary donations be considered as resources which could support the development of Guyana?

Yes, they are considered resources which will support Guyana’s development but caution must be exercised to ensure that they are channeled through the correct organizations to ensure these donations reach the intended target group.

12. How soon can we get involved in developmental activities?

This phase of the project will focus on engaging the Diaspora and mapping existing skills/resources and experiences that can support development.   This is your first step in getting involved in Guyana’s development. Don’t hesitate, participate.

13. What options are available for Diaspora return plans?

The Government of Guyana has set guidelines on remigration scheme, which offers concessions for remigrants. Please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website: for more information on the Government of Guyana’s Remigration Scheme.

14. Are there any business/investment opportunities for Diaspora to undertake?

Yes, there are. Guyana is open for business and investments. Please visit the website for the Guyana Office for Investment. Guyana offers a number of investment and business opportunities in the different sectors, with international market access for trade through the different trade agreements along with concessions and incentives in the different sectors.

15. Why is the GUYD project a priority for Guyana now?

The GUYD Project is a priority for Guyana because it will help the Government of Guyana to know more about the composition of the Guyanese Diaspora, what their interests are and if they would like to contribute to Guyana’s development. The information obtained from the GUYD Project will also help to guide Government policies on engaging the Diaspora.

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