Diaspora Skills Mapping and Engagement

The Guyana Diaspora (GUYD) Project will be undertaking several activities that will widen the scope for reaching and engaging more members of the diaspora so as to open channels for greater discourse between the diaspora, the Government of Guyana and its homeland citizens.

Mapping Exercise

The GUYD Project staff will conduct an overall mapping of the Guyanese diaspora to analyze available skills and resources that can be employed by public and private organizations and institutions in Guyana.

The mapping is carried out through an online survey of the diaspora. Face to face interviews and conversations between project staff and members of the Guyanese diaspora, introduction workshops as well as local calendar of activities will also be methods for engaging the diaspora.

Reaching the Diaspora through Social Networks & Web tools

The GUYD Project uses the effectiveness of social networking that allows easy accessibility for participation in the mapping exercise and the progress made.  Guyanese around the world will be able to access links to participate in the survey through some of the more popular networks such as Twitter, Face book, and LinkedIn.

Make your participation count

The information shared will be dealt with the strictest confidentiality and will only be used for the purpose intended.  The data derived from the survey will be used by the project’s representatives to compile data on who constitutes the Guyanese diaspora, where they can be found (state and country), what skills, resources and experiences they have and would like to share, where their interest lies and what expectations they may have in sharing their skills in Guyana.  This information will be collated on a database and can inform the second phase of the project which will facilitate the matching of skills to needs and gaps within the private and public sectors in Guyana.

Introduction Workshops

Staff from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the IOM will meet and interact with representatives of diaspora groups and Guyanese Missions Overseas at introduction workshops with select cities, where there is a large Guyanese population. These groups will also be encouraged to participate in the online survey, promote and share information on the importance of registering and the benefit of development in Guyana to all Guyanese.

The diaspora will benefit from discussions, presentations and a forum for answering questions and giving feedback on the project’s objectives.  Our frequently asked questions link on the website and feedback will provide additional information.

Using the Platforms of Talented Guyanese

Guyanese within the fashion and music industries who showcase their work internationally will be encouraged to support the drive for greater participation of the mapping exercises.  The GUYD project representatives will attend these activities to interact with, encourage registration and to promote participation towards development.